Exploring New Hobbies to Spark Creativity and Where To Get Supplies in Spring, Texas

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Summer in Spring, Texas is the best time to explore a new hobby and let your creative light shine! Whatever your creative hobby might be, Elevate Spring Crossing is within 20 minutes of all the stores you’ll need to shop at to get started and stock up on supplies! Here are 3 art supply stores to check out once you’ve discovered your new favorite hobby!


Michaels, 6 minutes from Elevate Spring Crossing

If you’re decorating your home for an upcoming holiday or season, Michaels has all the home decor you need! They also have art supplies if painting or drawing is something you’d like to try.  If you're looking for general crafts supplies they’ll have all that you need to take your crafting to new heights.


Little Craft Place, 19 minutes from Elevate Spring Crossing

If you’re thinking about taking up scrapbooking, Little Craft Place is the perfect place to stock up on everything you’ll need! Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve photos and add your own little creative touch along the way. They also have stamping supplies and everything you need to get organized in this unique craft store.


Hobby Lobby, 13 minutes from Elevate Spring Crossing

If making jewelry or clothing is on your creative hobby bucket list, check out Hobby Lobby! This art supply store will have all the supplies you need to start making adorable fashion jewelry & clothes that you can sell on Etsy. Crafts supplies are found in abundance here, so don't be afraid to take on something new or take your favorite hobby to the next level.

No matter what hobby you’d like to start this summer, there are plenty of places around Elevate Spring Crossing to help you flourish. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about what we love to do living in Spring, TX.

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