The Best Coffee Shops in Spring, Texas

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There’s no doubt about it, we love coffee! Whether you’re looking for a small locally owned spot for a trendy coffee drink and pastry or a big chain coffee store for a consistent coffee standard, you can find perfectly roasted beans and baristas who know their stuff on just about any street. Here’s our guide to the best coffee shops around Spring, TX and the greater Houston metro area.

The best part about many of these shops is that they’re locally owned or headquartered so you can directly support your new neighbors while getting your daily caffeine fix. From quiet cafes to drive-up shacks, you can find a great cup of coffee at any of these local stops. We encourage you to try them all at least once (or twice) and see what makes each unique.


Trilogy Brew

Trilogy serves both beers and coffee in the Spring/Woodlands area. They’re all about brews & community.


DeNovo Coffee

This drive-through coffee experience seeks to #staycharged through delicious coffee and excellent customer service. They have locations in Spring and Tomball, TX.


The Cuppo Coffee & Tea

The Cuppo Coffee & Tea is a neighborhood specialty coffee and tea house located in the City of Jersey Village, TX with a secondary location in North Klein. Pastries are also baked fresh daily. 


Shipley Do-Nuts

Shipley Do-Nuts is a chain doughnut company and coffeehouse based out of Northside, Houston with over 300 locations in Colorado and the Southern United States including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida.


Thanks for reading! Make sure you bookmark this blog to help you find your top local coffee shop. For more recommendations, come back next month for our newest installment.

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